Samstag, 22. März 2014

I wish we had wings

Hello colorlovers,

new look is up! Hope you are enjoying your week!

fluffy jacket - H&M
pink top - H&M
pants - Mango
accessories - Bijou Brigitte
sunglasses - I AM

Sonntag, 16. März 2014


Hello colorlovers,

It's springtime!!! Hope you all have blessed days and enjoy the first sunrays on your skins.
I wanted also to change my beautycare routine and was looking for some new beauty products, but I like them natural beauty products. So will show you next times what I got..
PS: Don't mind the bad quality, I still do not have photoshop

sweater - C&A
dress - selfmade
accessories - Accessorize/Berschka/H&M
snood - Gina Tricot

Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

Fashion Inspirations

Hello colorlovers, 

I have been through some pages and crossed into these pictures. I am in love with the flowerpower these days, so I like it to be on clothes and we all know that one piece with flowerpatterns on, which looks just like super oldfashioned. Where is there difference between a good looking one and an old-fashioned piece? Well I found some beautiful inspirations, I just didn't like the make-up. Lovely for spring season. Plus sadly I don't know which Designer it is. If someone knows please tell me! Thank you

Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2013

Come what may…

Hello Colourlovers, 

I had uploaded some months ago a new look on lookbook. I went with a very good friend of mine to do the photos and she gave me her cape. It made the look, look so much different.Will upload more pictures soon…

Dress - H&M
Belt - H&M
Cape - (from best friend, she got it from London :) )
Snood - Berschka

Samstag, 19. Oktober 2013

Mysteries unfold, with you it's simple

Hello colourlovers,

What a season full of ladybugs, colourful fallen leaves, hot tea, warm colours, lovely sunsets, cold breeze, windy and rainy weather.. WELL it's autumn and it's kind of an awesome season..

 There were so many ladybugs in a park I walked in, and even two of them sat on my shoulder on my jacket without noticing and when I entered the office they flew around me again and sat on a big window. So cute..

 I even find the time to post one of my looks.

Turban = Berschka
Scarf = Roeckl
Shirt, Jacket, Sweater and Jeans = H&M

Sonntag, 15. September 2013

I was sent here for you, you were sent for me too, we were made to love!

Hi Peacocks, long time no blogging, I had some hard days working... I missed it blogging, The summer is gone now and the autumn says hello. It's getting cold, rainy, dark and windy. I love that except that it is always dark! somehow really depressing.. I have been shopping the last few weeks and bought some nice new stuff. Because of that I took all of my clothes out of my wardrobe that I never wore or need and am going to sell it. I will sell them on a page called "Kleiderkreisel". Maybe more interesting to my german readers. 

And now back to my look..

Jacket - Divided
Top - H&M
Pants - Zara

Sonntag, 4. August 2013

Sun, Wind, Sea

Hello Peacocks, 

I know I haven't been blogging for a long time, even if I had the chance to, but you know the days when it is too hot and you don't have the energy and power to do anything after work! Yep to all those who agree that's me for the past few weeks.. But I wanted to share with you a lovely quote or poem not sure what it is I found it deep in my documents and thought it would be nice to share it with you! Remember to save yourselves from the heat.. Otherwise just enjoy it as much as you can..

"I let the windows open, the sunlight in 
the dusting begins and the wind swipes it all out
I sneeze, brush my hair back, lean my head back and close my eyes. 

The dust settles and old cobwebs have been swiped away
the past is gone, the dust has settled, and the sun set.

Let the past be put to rest."

Montag, 8. Juli 2013

I know that u'll pull through like a phoenix from the flames

Hello Colourlover,

what a week, finally sunny and flattering clothes are worn, sandals, sun, ice cream, heat, thirst, pool, music.. Ohh summer is so great! I have finally made it to edit my pictures..
This is dedicated to a special kind of person, standing with me even during my hardest battles and still can handle that :).. Well, well, before my sister kills me :D it is her ring that I always wear, she never uses it, so I always take it from her, I hope she don't read that here.. check it also out on

PS: To my muslim readers Ramadan Kareem :) I hope you will try to do the best out of it! No need to act super faithful! Just do it for yourself to be a better person!

With lots of love Fatma aka Miss-Peacock xx

Samstag, 22. Juni 2013